Loudoun County - How ignorant was Judge Horne's judgement about Christopher Zveare



The legal system in Loudoun is in compete total dis-array and is a joke.   Judge Thomas (aka the Horne) led the incompetence charge by accepting the above memorandum submitted by Christopher Zveare during a custody course. However in another Court-room just a few feet down the hallway, Merci Carrion was allowed to keep chickens in order to sacrifice them for her religion. the article in the Loudoun Times Mirror explains the case.

Evidently in Loudoun County, specifically in the Courtroom it is more important for someone to be allowed to sacrifice chickens for their religion than it is for a parent to have a relationship with their child. This is the decision that the ever ignorant and biased Judge Thomas the Horne made when he permitted Christopher Zveare to submit the false memorandum in his Courtroom. The documents are allegedly from the US State Department.

Judge Horne does not deserve to be honored but instead he should be exposed for allowing Christopher Zveare to commit fraud.   Horne and Zveare represent how low the legal system can go. The both are complicit in this fraud.

Ms. Carrion can sacrifice chickens for her religion due to “religious freedom” but a parent was denied the right to any type of discovery for the above submitted document.  Judge Horne wanted to fast track the case and allow a parent’s child be taken out of the country without any discovery.