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Loudoun CPS – Benjamin Smith Typical Loudoun CPS Worker



This is a typical interview conducted by Loudoun County Child Protective Services, this one in particular is conducted by former worker Benjamin Smith.  It illustrates the issue with CPS across the nation. CPS investigators  enter an interview with the belief that abuse has already occurred.  The interview by Smith clearly bears this out.


Loudoun County – Christopher Zveare submitted a false document



Christopher Zveare submitted a false document.  Zveare seems to be under the impression that he could not disclose who is employer was in Judge Horne’s courtroom  while under oath.  The State Department on the other hand,  had no issue with disclosing the fact that Christopher Zveare worked for the State Department at the time that Zveare submitted this memorandum tin Loudoun County. Yet ,  Zveare maintained that he was not allowed to disclose this in Court. Even more confusing is the fact the State Department publicly states the following from the following publicly available website.

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Loudoun County – A close look at Lorrie Sinclair – judicial candidate




Sinclair’s motion

The Virginia judicial selection process is embarrassing and almost third-world like.  The public is effectively left out of the process, there is no real opportunity for the public to voice their support for or dissatisfaction with  with certain candidates, despite the lack of public approval Judges yield immense power within the jurisdiction they preside in. Continue reading