Loudoun CPS - Child Suggestibility

The below video is an actual excerpt from a trial in which an expert witness explained to a jury the  Mousetrap experiment. Essentially, the study proves that children will change their statements when repeated constantly concerning the same subject. In this case , the question was did you ever get your hand caught in  Mouse Trap,  conducted by Dr. Stephen Cici and Dr. Maggie Bruck.  I will add the Sandra Glenney is significantly opposed to any of Ceci’s and Bruck’s research.

Your attorney needs to know all of the various studies concerning child suggestibility,  I can assure you Loudoun CPS does not know any of the research concerning Children Suggestibility, neither does Sandra Glenney.

Loudoun CPS - Ellen Grunewald is retiring, it is about time



Sometimes you take the good with bad, the absolutely incredulous news is that Ellen Grunewald received an award (photo above).  I guess I should not be so surprised , Sandra Glenney and Laurie Warhol received the same award in previous years. The standard and qualifications to win this award is extremely low and is usually given to the most unqualified of people; Sandra Glenney case in point.

But on the flip side, the rather joyous news is that Grunewald is retiring,  I am hopeful that new blood will take over the position of Director of Loudoun County Social Services; I highly doubt it. If not mistaken Laurie Warhol is next in line. Warhol will be the same old thing, a typical unqualified bureaucrat who has been at the agency forever. Paraphrasing a section from the book “Politics of Child Abuse”. many ignorant and competent people have found employment in the field of Child Protection; case in point Sandra Glenney with Laurie Warhol following a very close second.

Things are changing in Loudoun, we have a new Chairman of the Board (that is a good thing), the dinosaur Judge Thomas Horne is gone and the confederate statue at the Courthouse is coming under intense scrutiny. We are getting there, Loudoun is still a backwater with backwards County employees; this to is changing.

The next hurdle is ensure that Laurie Warhol does not become director. She will not make the much needed corrections to the troubled agency.  If the agency is to crawl of out of the pit of incompetence that it is in, it will require  new leadership that is educated and does not cling to antiquated ideas.