Loudoun County - Christopher Zveare and a false memo


zvearesolomemorandum (2)

Perhaps someone should ask Christopher Zveare who Sally Cowen is. Perhaps this question should be asked outside of the Courtroom in Loudoun County. Inside the Courtroom,specifically that of Thomas D. Horne,  the memorandum was accepted as evidence without any scrutiny. In addition Judge Horne denied any and all discovery into the authenticity of the document. It was a kangaroo Court that was administered by Thomas D. Horne.  In subsequent hearings, Judge Horne was very protective of Zveare during cross-examination of the document, ensuring that he Zveare was able to avoid answering certain questions.

The purpose of this post is shed light on the unethical behavior of Christopher Zveare and Judge Horne and illustrate the very sorry state of affairs in Loudoun County,  Judge Horne knowingly  allowed the fraud to be committed.

Christopher Zveare apparently had no idea of who Sally Cowen was, Ms. Cowen was the alleged author of the memorandum. Zveare had no ideal what Ms. Cowen’s email address was nor what her phone number was. If this claim from Zveare is taken at face value, he seemed clueless as how to find any information about Ms. Cowen.

Zveare, at the time was an employee of the Department of State, which means he would have access to the Global Address List (GAL) on his email system. One has to wonder if Judge Horne did not know about Microsoft Exchange Server or what a Global  Address List is. This is entirely possible as Judge Horne was very close to 70 when Zveare submitted this memorandum.

Christopher Zveare and Judge Horne were evidently on the same page, even when Zveare admitted that the memorandum was partially wrong. Judge Horne was a willing participant in the fraud perpetuated by Zveare and his attorney.   When you are in the  Loudoun County Courthouse don’t expect much.


Loudoun County - Judge Thomas D. Horne and Christopher Zveare


How low could Judge Horne and Christopher Zveare go, one only needs to look at the memorandum that Christopher Zveare submitted in Horne’s courtroom. It speaks volumes about Judge Horne and his courtroom. It is a tragedy that  Zveare hasn’t  been prosecuted yet for perjury or that Horne has not been sanctioned for allowing such fraudulent evidence in his Courtroom.

Zveare alleged that the document was from his employer, the  US Department of State.  Horne , whether due to indifference or incompetence allowed the evidence to come in. It was a disgrace to the legal system. Zveare made one false statement after the other and Horne did not seem to care or notice.

Horne is gone now, he should have long ago. As far as Zveare  is concerned, his troubles have perhaps just begun.

Loudoun CPS - Sandra Glenney's psychologists and their junk science


The more one closely examines Loudoun CPS , Sandra Glenney and the mental health professionals who work and testify for them. The more sickening and shameful it is. Please don’t mistake , it is a national problem. The difference between Loudoun and other parts of the Country is that Loudoun doesn’t seem to learn. Sandra Glenney and CPS keep using the same discredited theories that were debunked in the 80′s during the Satanic Panic.

Glenney will keep using the same techniques and tactics that she always uses. They are as follows.

1. File protective order.

2. Bring someone in from Loudoun Mental Health to the emergency hearing to testify that the child’s statements were believable and not a result of coaching.

3. This step is the most important , hire a psychologist to engage in therapy for the child. Therapy is code  word for encouraging the child to make a disclosure. The therapist  will be your most difficult opponent, Unfortunately the Loudoun Courts allow absolute bullshit psychological testimony in the Courtroom – believe me it is bullshit. The Judges have exhibited no ability to discern what is bullshit and what isn’t. These are civil matters, therefore the protection that one enjoys in criminal court does not have the same protection in civil matters. Any one that Glenney calls will be accepted as an expert witness.

As a prime example lets look at Dr. Fred Willoughby from Texas, he was actually sanctioned for testifying to his opinions with out the ability to support them with scientific evidence.  In the case of Dr. Willoughby, he provided expert testimony during the criminal case of Michael Arena  who was accused of sexual abuse. There was no physical evidence in the case, as always there is a scumbag psychologist who is willing to provide testimony; there will always be a psychologist who is willing to testify for Sandra Glenney  – keep this in mind. Dr. Willoughby , testified that Michael arena was a pedophile based off of the Abel Assessment.  As the snippet below states that exam has a 65% accuracy rate, not much better than chance.

While testifying at Arena’s trial, Willoughby  overstated the test’s 65 percent accuracy rate and improperly testified  that a Brigham Young University study certified its accuracy. Instead,  the study raised serious questions about the test, saying its ability to identify pedophiles was no better than chance.”

This will be the crux of Glenney’s case, the expert witness will testify to their opinion.  The expert will testify that the child is not suggestible, the expert will testify that the child is believable , the expert will testify that the child believes he or she has been abused and many other things.

Glenney’s psychologists tend to be nothing more than hired guns, Please remember the judges are not psychologists or scientists. They may be persuaded by double talk, what passes for fact and evidence in the Courtroom would not be accepted as evidence within the scientific community.  Their testimony will be accepted as fact unless you and your attorney get aggressive with the expert witness during cross-examination.

Glenney’s hired gun will not testify to anything that may damage Glenney’s case. You will have to get their treatment notes and if possible depose them before the hearing so as to get all of their background information.







Loudoun County CPS - Monica Zveare is just like Judy Johnson


Sandra Glenney, Laurie Warhol and all of CPS needs hyper-emotional and sometimes mentally unstable parents to stay in business. Why do I make this claim, only mentally unstable parents make absurd false allegations. Without this type of parent, Glenney and CPS can’t justify their existence nor their salaries. No accuser results in no false claims, no bullshit CPS investigation and no kangaroo Courts hearings. I would be remiss to forget the psychologist that Glenney hand picks. With no hysterical parent making a false claim, quite a few people go without a payday.

Case in point, Judy Johnson – learn and know this name- she ignited the initial accusation that spawned the McMartin scandal. Ms. Johnson had quite the mental health history that prosecutors attempted to conceal from the defense. The following article from the New York Times describes a few of Ms. Johnson’s claims.  Ms. Johnson eventually died of alcohol poisoning before her mental health history was to be presented to a jury.


Among Mrs. Johnson’s assertions in telephone calls to prosecutors and in a two-page letter to them, were that Ray Buckey flew in the air, that Mrs. Buckey drilled holes in the armpits of the Johnson boy, that a marine sodomized the boy and sexually abused the Johnsons’ dog. Former Prosecutor’s Role.

As you can see Ms. Johnson was not the most reliable person. Why would I make the extraordinary claim that Monica Zveare is like Judy Johnson.  Zveare has quite the illustrious past of making abuse claims, even making the claim of drugging with mushrooms or that a child’s eyes were making strange demonic movements or that a child talked to the Sandman.  These are not the words of someone who is grounded firmly in reality.

Just like Judy Johnson, the claims of Zveare were taking seriously by the ever credulous Sandra Glenney , who also happens to believe the testimony of dubious professionals from the ISSTD. In addition, just like Johnson, extraordinary efforts were taken to conceal Zveare’s personal issues and her bizarre claims. I firmly believe that Glenney and CPS are hopelessly incompetent but Zveare’s issues were there for all to see. I need to make special mention that the Guardian Ad Litem will simply rubber stamp anything that CPS or Glenney wants. No one from the County examined Zveare or her erratic behavior.

Once a false accusation has been made , the train starts to roll and it is almost impossible to stop. In Loudoun the justice system is archaic and very southern. Hysterical parents will find sympathy from Glenney and CPS. That is why just like in the Judy Johnson instance, you need to dig deep in the accuser’s mental health history. Everyone wet out of their way to prevent Zveare’s mental health record from making its way to the Courtroom. This is not advantageous for the accused but it is disastrous for the child. The child has to live and be subjected to a very emotional and unstable parent.

Sandra Glenney bears most of the responsibility for false accusation being believed.  Glenney herself is prone to believe the most absurd claims.