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Loudoun CPS – Questions for Dr. Mary Lindahl


It is critical to realize the truth  concerning a CPS investigation,  the goal of the investigation is to find abuse and not the truth.  A critical component of the investigation is the chosen psychologist who will testify for  CPS, in actuality the psychologist is chosen by Sandra Glenney. The psychologist, whoever it might be is chosen for a reason;  the reason being to assist Sandra Glenney in winning the case for the county.

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Loudoun County – The venality of the Loudoun Legal System



” I believe the concept of venality is fulfilled by any functionary who receives from the people a salary to administer justice and instead becomes the accomplice of injustice”

- Archbishop Oscar Romero

The above  statement written by the late Archbishop Oscar Romero is thoughtful, powerful and truthful. In the case of Archbishop Romero he was writing about the issues related to the legal system in El Salvador . The purpose of this blog is to shed light about issues in Loudoun County. The legal system in Loudoun  has its own unique issues with honesty and integrity. To often some judges in Loudoun County endorse unethical behavior in the Courtroom, especially when it involves Sandra Glenney and Loudoun County Child Protective Services. To often, the judges look the other way when Sandra Glenney and CPS are behaving badly.

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Loudoun County – Dr. Mary Lindahl no longer testifies in custody cases



Dr. Mary Lindahl, a psychologist who has been used frequently  in the past by the Loudoun Department of Family Services has decided that she will not longer testify in custody cases.  This is welcomed news, especially for fathers.  This information was ascertained by Dr. Lindahl’s most recent practice policy statement.

If you ever become involved in a divorce or custody dispute, I want you to understand and agree that I will not provide evaluations or expert testimony in court. You should hire a different mental health professional for any evaluations or testimony you require. This position is based on two reasons: (1) My statements will be seen as biased in your favor because we have a therapy relationship; and (2) the testimony might affect our therapy relationship and I must put this relationship first.”

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Loudoun CPS – Sandra Glenney’s typical psychologist




When you enter the world of Sandra Glenney, CPS  and their psychologists, you have entered a very malicious and very immoral world; a world based on the irrational. It is a world of cheap judges and cheap psychologists. Gigi Jordan , pictured above , attended therapy  along with her son with the typical CPS psychologist.  Sandra Glenney,  center of right photo above,  selects the psychologist who will testify for  Loudoun County CPS. She takes great measures to ensure that the psychologist will see things her way.

The typical CPS psychologist will believe any accusation , as does Glenney, of abuse no matter the lack of evidence or absurdity of the accusation. In the case of Ms. Jordan , she attended sessions with Dr. Ellen Lacter. Dr. Lacter believed and reported that Ms. Jordan’s child may have been abused. Instead of assisting Ms. Jordan with her delusions, Dr. Lacter encouraged her; the results were disastrous for the child. The worse thing a psychologist can do to a mentally unstable parent is to encourage the parent in their irrational claims of abuse.

If you are not familiar with the case, Ms. Jordan killed her son because she believed  he was being abused by the child’s father. It is important to point out that Dr. Lacter  is a member of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD).  It is worth your time to read about the organization and their beliefs.  They believe and embrace the concept of dissociation, which is a throwback to  the story of “Sybil” and multiple personality disorder.  MPD is a very controversial diagnosis and most professionals consider it junk science. Many members still believe in the concept of Satanic Ritual Abuse, ISSTD is a fringe organization.

The story is relevant to Loudoun Child Protective Services and Sandra Glenney in that Sandra Glenney uses Dr. Joyanna Silberg, who also happens to be a member and past-president of ISSTD.  Dr. Lacter  believed the accusations made by Gigi Jordan. Psychologists that embrace disassociation and Satanic Ritual Abuse are harmful to their patients. Their methods are not scientific and lack credibility. Much like psychologists utilized by Glenney, they have no ability to discern between true or false allegations; neither does Glenney.

In the case of Sandra Glenney, she intentionally seeks out therapists like Dr. Lacter,  Dr. SIlberg and Dr. Mary Lindahl . The therapists are dangerous to children and families.   Any parent or attorney can locate a psychologist to reinforce their position and they can be sure that the psychologist will testify to anything that the attorney desires. It is a very disturbing and dirty aspect of the field of psychology.

Keep in mind that the psychologist used by Glenney and CPS has only one priority and that is to support CPS;the priority  is not the best interest  of your child.  The case of Ms. Jordan demonstrates that certain psychologists, the type that Sandra Glenney uses, destroys families. It cannot be overstated that Sandra Glenney will select a very undesirable and poorly trained psychologist. You and your attorney must get the psychologist removed from the case as quickly as possible.