Loudoun CPS - CPS and Sandra Glenney - its the 80's again

Imagine an organization using a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that was crafted and written in the 80′s. Also imagine that organization firmly rejecting any new material that may discredit its old material.  Imagine that organization being tasked to discern between fact and faction as far as abuse allegations are concerned.  You no longer have to imagine, it exists in Loudoun County in the shape of CPS and Sandra Glenney. As an example, required Social Worker training course,  CWS 2031 teaches that the Child Abuse Accommodation Syndrome is valid and is supported by science. CAAS, as it is abbreviated, is rejected in many Courtrooms as it fails to attain the level of credible science.  It is disturbing that that Social Workers in Virginia embrace it. What is noticeably absent from their required documentation is the numerous exonerations of those falsely accused in 80′s.  Also missing are the lessons learned from the 80′s. It is the 80′s all over again in Loudoun County.

In Loudoun County, the mentality of CPS and its ring leader Sandra Glenney are stuck in the past.  A common misconception emerged from cases in the 80′s and the daycare hysteria; children do not make up sexual abuse accusations .  It is common knowledge by most attorney’s in Loudoun County  that Sandra Glenney will believe any abuse story, she lacks the critical thinking skills to decipher between fact and fiction. Accordingly she will seek out a psychologist to reinforce her belief.  As in he 80′s , an accusation can easily form into an avalanche with willing believers. In Loudoun, there will be no shortage of willing believers.

With that said, I want the reader to become familiar with Kyle Zirpolo, an accuser in the infamous  McMartin Scandal of the 80′s . There have been many miscarriages of justice, the McMartin Scandal ranks as one of the worst. It highlighted the issues with zealous child interviewers and mental health professionals selected by the Court.  It also illustrates the failure of the Court to keep junk science out of the CourtRoom. The following article describes the case.

By the spring of 1984, Kyle and scores of other children were talking about school employees who had drugged them and touched their genitals, made them play sex games in the nude, used them as models in kiddie porn, and forced them to watch pet rabbits, mice and turtles being killed.








Eventually, Kyle admitted that his story was fabricated as he was under  significant pressure by his parents, police and investigators to make accusations.

He always knew his stories of abuse were made up. The adults at the McMartin Pre-School “never did anything to me, and I never saw them doing anything,” he says today. “I said a lot of things that didn’t happen. I lied.





Kyle , with his honesty, punctures a strongly held belief by a majority of Child Protection Workers. This is a strongly held belief by Sandra Glenney and Loudoun CPS to be sure. As the accused is being  emotionally abused and hauled through  the Court System, this will include Juvenile Domestic Court and the Circuit Court. You will be asked on the stand by  Glenney, “how do you explain the accusations?”

My advice to you, is to give the example of Kyle Zirpolo and the McMartin scandal.  There is a very high probability that she will not be aware of the McMartin scandal and that Kyle Zirpolo said “I’m sorry” for making false accusations.  Keep I mind that Glenney’s chosen psychologist will not be aware of Mr. Zirpolo’s statements. The following statement is one where Dr. Mary Lindahl , a frequent expert witness, for Sandra Glenney will completely disagree with.

It was an ordeal. I remember thinking to myself, “I’m not going to get out of here unless I tell them what they want to hear.”


Your child is a victim, not of abuse, but of poorly trained social workers , overzealous investigators and a very unethical Assistant County Attorney.


Loudoun County CPS - Christmas message to the survivors of CPS and Sandra Glenney

This post is directed to the innocent children and parents who are unjustly caught in the trap of Loudoun County CPS and the reprehensible Sandra Glenney. To this list of reprehensible characters add Judge Thomas D. Horne and the majority of the psychologists who testify for Sandra Glenney. We as citizens in Loudoun have been poorly served by our judicial system.

First and foremost, I wish everyone Happy Holidays.  If you and your child are not together during this holiday season, I am sorry and I realize the emotional pain is excruciating; you have to endure it.  Your child needs you to survive this traumatic experience, if you are reading this post congratulate yourself on making it to the holidays, you have survived. Everything situation comes to an end, make sure you are there for your child when this ends.

During this holiday season , realize that you and your child are both victims of CPS and Sandra Glenney; there is no other way to express it.  Also realize that you have more dignity, ethics  and respect for the legal system than anyone who is associated with CPS will ever have; remember that.  Unlike CPS, Sandra Glenney and any other member of that horrid organization, you deeply care for your child they do not. They support these fabricated cases to justify their positions and salary. Once Glenney and her cheap psychologists create a train wreck they will walk away as if nothing happened.

During this painful time during the holidays, think deeply about your child. Your child needs you to survive. Keep the long-term in your mind, your child needs you to survive.  It is understandable that you as a parent are grieving but don’t let it consume you. Don’t allow CPS or Sandra Glenney rob you of your happiness. You and your child have experience a grievous loss, don’t ignore this fact. It is crucial that you find a way to manage this regretful situation.

If you are a parent going through this ordeal, don’t give up.  Some of the major players within the Loudoun County Judicial System have changed. For starters we have a new County Attorney, Mr. Leo P. Rogers. This is a monumental shift, keep in mind his predecessor was in office for 25 years.  That is far to long, the legal system has undergone several changes in the last 25 years.  Mr. Rogers will hopefully bring charge and respectability to the office.

Another dramatic change is the appointment of Ms. Jeanette Irby to the bench. Horne needed to retire and make room for a more modern thinker on the bench. More importantly ,Lorrie Sinclair did not get the appointment.  If Sinclair would have received the appointment a void would exist where justice should reside.

Change has come to Loudoun County, don’t give up the battle for your children.  It is a battle, the difference between you and CPS, other than the lack of ethics by CPS, is that you actually care for your children and want the best for them. CPS does not , nor do their fraudulent  psychologists.


Best wishes and happy  holidays




Loudoun County - Judge Jeanette Irby ( A change for the better)


Change has arrived with the swearing in of the Honorable Judge Jeanette Irby, the citizens of Loudoun County should be excited and relieved, the excitement due to the appointment of Ms. Jeanette Irby  to the Circuit Court. The feeling of relief is due to the fact that Lorrie Sinclair did not get the appointment.  The  Loudoun Circuit  Court  is on a different trajectory with the appointment of the Honorable Judge Irby; a trajectory that bends towards justice and fairness.  The citizens of Loudoun County, especially fathers, have averted a very bleak future with Ms. Sinclair not receiving the appointment. Sandra Glenney’s future is a little less optimistic without Sinclair on the bench.


Judge Irby has endeavored upon a  tremendous responsibility , this responsibility includes restoring  public faith and confidence in the Judicial System in Loudoun County. Judge Horne was not as fair and un-biased as his supporters have stated in print. Inexplicably Judge Horne gave validity to any case brought by Sandra Glenney and Loudoun CPS. I would encourage Judge Irby to view Sandra Glenney with a very skeptical view, a very skeptical view. It would be wise and fair to allow full discovery for the defendant in all cases involving CPS and Sandra Glenney. It would be prudent for Judge Irby to be cognizant that the psychologists that CPS hires as expert witnesses are not top of the line professionals.

Judge Irby will preside over many cases, criminal and civil, she has accepted an enormous responsibility, the responsibility  also includes administering  justice in an impartial manner.  No one is guaranteed a perfect trial but the citizens should receive a fair trail. If Sinclair would have received the appointment , no one would receive a fair trial.  Unfortunately, there are a few people within the Loudoun County Judicial System who did not care about justice prevailing  in the Courtroom, chiefly Sandra Glenney.    Some within Loudoun County , only want to win their case , regardless of the truth. As mentioned in the following article from the New York Times, prosecutorial misconduct is rampant.

“There is an epidemic of Brady violations abroad in the land,” Judge Kozinski wrote in dissent from a ruling against a man who argued that prosecutors had withheld crucial evidence in his case. “Only judges can put a stop to it.”

Judge Irby is in a position to stop it , and hold prosecutors responsible for acting in an unethical manner. Only a judge can hold Sandra Glenney, and others like her,  responsible for their behavior.  Judge Irby also has the ability to hold CPS in check; CPS social workers in Loudoun tend to be dishonest , very dishonest. The recent protests concerning the lack of indictments for police officers who were involved in the deaths of unarmed citizens, has highlighted the growing distrust that the citizens have of the judicial system.  The citizens in Loudoun have many reasons to be distrustful of the system in our area. CPS and Sandra Glenney are the root cause for a large part of this distrust.

There is a glimmer of hope with the appointment of Judge Irby, if Lorrie Sinclair were appointed any hope for change would have been crushed. Lorrie Sinclair has very limited experience , legally speaking.  If Ms. Sinclair would have been appointed,  it would have been glorious for Sandra Glenney. Glenney and Sinclair have quite the history together.

This writer is at a loss as to why, the Loudoun Bar Association has presented Lorrie Sinclair as a judicial candidate for the recent vacancies on the bench. On the other hand the local Bar did recommend Judge Irby, the citizens can only hope that in the future, the bar no longer recommends Lorrie Sinclair. It would be helpful if Judge Irby has the ability to see through the actual non-sense that Sandra Glenney brings into a Courtroom.