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Loudoun County – Ethics reform


Ethics reform, what a concept. In Loudoun, it is desperately needed but not wanted. I should clarify, the citizens want it but not those who hold official positions.  However at the State level there is reason to hope. Governor McAuliffe recently appointed a commission to develop proposed ethics reforms.

Finally, is my response, the guilty verdict of former Governor McDonnell has sent shock waves through Virginia and has highlighted the flaws of the ‘Virginia way.” The formation of the commission is a starting point.  I am encouraged by the Governor’s statement concerning judicial selection.  Although, I am discouraged that the Virginia Assembly has yet to enforce any meaningful reforms

As for judicial elections, which are handled by the General Assembly, McAuliffe said those are too often too political. “Shouldn’t be a political process to pick our judges,” he said. “Ought to be on merit.”

I am ecstatic that the Governor understands the flaws with our judicial selection process, it is a political process not one based on merit.  At least the conversation has begun about change.  Unfortunately, we in Loudoun have very special people acting in official capacity.  Special meaning they believe that they are immune to any kind of oversight; change will come but slowly.

The mentality within the Loudoun Government is old school. The members of the Loudoun Government do not try to correct the deficiencies they defend their deficiencies.  I applaud the formation of the new ethics commission, we can only hope the local government in Loudoun does the same.


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Loudoun CPS – Psychologists are essential to their fraud


It cannot be overstated, for Loudoun CPS and Sandra Glenney to commit their fraud and drag innocent parents through the Loudoun County Court System certain items have to be in place. Ms. Glenney needs and requires a Guardian Ad Litem who will see things her way; one who will not conduct an independent investigation. Loudoun CPS operates autonomous of the facts; they need others who will do the same.

The most critical element in a CPS case is the psychologist, hand-picked by Sandra Glenney. A psychologist who and will see things Glenney’s way. It is important to know what questions to ask of Glenney’s professional, it is also required for you and your attorney to know what to expect. The psychologist plays a critical role in case, it is important for their psychologist to be debunked.

  • Do expect accusations and wild claims to grow under the guidance of the CPS/Glenney chosen therapist. The therapists selected by Glenney are typically poorly trained and will do anything to encourage a false accusation. The sessions between your child and their psychologist is designed to produce accusations.
  • Do expect Glenney to oppose any and all subpoenas for the therapist’s notes. You must get the notes.
  • Ask the psychologist, under oath, how he or she became assigned to the case, establish the fact that the psychologist has a close relationship with CPS and Glenney.
  • Do expect the CPS investigator to be biased and hide evidence. You must file multiple FOIA requests to obtain any and all notes related to your case. One of the most notorious CPS investigators was Benjamin Smith who is no longer with CPS.
  • Do expect to the Guardian Ad Litem to be solidly in the corner of Sandra Glenney. Do not expect the Guardian Ad Litem to conduct an independent investigation.
  • Do realize Sandra Glenney has a special relationship with CPS and she will direct them as to what evidence to release.
  • If the police were involved, subpoena the notes of the police investigator.

The following is what you and your attorney must do.

Do subpoena the psychologist’s notes, this is critical. The Glenney chosen psychologist will not reveal any retractions.

Do become familiar with all the latest research concerning false allegations. A favorite question of Sandra Glenney that is posed to the accused is “How do you explain the allegations”. The accused needs to be familiar with the most infamous cases of the past such as the McMartin Scandal and the Kelley Michaels case.

Do watch the original interview conducted by CPS of your child; review the video for leading questions. CPS workers are required to have a bachelors degree and take a few required classes; they are poorly trained. Note any leading questions and retractions during the video.

Do contact your child’s teachers, daycare providers and pediatrician. You will need their testimony to discredit Glenney’s psychologists. Glenney will attempt to prevent you from calling any witnesses especially the pediatrician. In a Court a medical doctor’s testimony carries much more weight than a psychologist. Psychology is considered junk science by many. Glenney will oppose this testimony vehemently.

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Loudoun County – Virginia Judicial Selection


Virginia has an inclination for corruption. This permeates every aspect of State and Local Government including Judicial Selection. In Loudoun County, Sandra Glenney and the Department of Family Services is the epitome of corruption, in fact it is the poster child for it. Sandra Glenney and Family Services are abhorrent to the legal process. Judicial Selection is a very close second. The most recent judicial appointments are a classic example of this. The recent escapades demonstrate how backwards Virginia truly is.

Judicial selection has become political and does not appoint judges based on competence. The 20th Circuit legislators managed, to their credit, to recommend a valid candidate in Ms. Jeanette Irby and avoided sending Lorrie Sinclair to Richmond for the appointment. Other Judicial Circuits were not so fortunate, their appointments were stalled.

The first example is the daughter of Senator Phillip P. Puckett, Martha Ketron, the former Senator allegedly resigned to allow his daughter to be appointed as Juvenile Court Judge in the 29th Circuit. This reason has been somewhat debunked when it was discovered that Senator Puckett was promised a job with the Tobacco State Commission before resigning, implying that perhaps he was bribed to resign. Ms. Ketron’s appointment has been held up due to the very curious circumstances concerning Senator Puckett’s resignation.

Another example is that of Sandra Chinn-Gilstrap of the 22nd Circuit. Ms. Gilstrap was highly recommended by the local bar, receiving the highest ranking of any candidate interviewed by the Danville Bar Association. She was destined to become a judge, until politics became involved. Dan Casey wrote an excellent article concerning the incident in the 22nd Circuit. The appointment for the 22nd Circuit has been postponed as well.

The citizens shoud not  place faith in the judicial selection process, it is too political and unreliable. We are not privy to any of the interviewing; the selection process has to change. The issue with ex-Senator Puckett is under investigation by Federal Authorities; Virginia needs to change the selection process the credibility of the judiciary is at stake.

Loudoun County – Ms. Jeanette Irby is the new 20th Circuit Court Judge



My dear citizens, there is wonderful news to report, if you don’t already know or haven’t heard, Ms. Jeanette Irby will be the new Circuit Court Judge in the 20th Circuit. I am pleased, for so many reasons, mainly because Lorrie Sinclair did not get the appointment. However this post is written to congratulate Ms. Irby and the 20th Circuit legislators for recommending Ms. Irby.

In a recent article in Leesburg Today the following statement was made

her experience working as a criminal defendant taught her “you may not agree with your client yet they may have a valid legal position… I learned it’s not as cut and dried as you think, and it really helped me to develop empathy and to really search for the truth.”

These words are encouraging and inspire some hope. The statement, if sincere, will bring a much needed breath of fresh air to the Loudoun County Circuit Court.  Currently the Circuit Court is infected with the likes of Sandra Glenney, it needs to be cleaned. I am pleased that Ms. Irby, in the past, has served as a criminal defense attorney. Typically, most judges have never defended a client in a criminal case. Most are directly hired into the District Attorney’s Office, aka Commonwealth’s Attorney Office and then they become a judge.

This may come as shock but not every accusation is true and not every defendant is guilty. An even greater shock is that sometimes a defendant does not receive a fair trial. A judge can help facilitate a fair trial, a judge cannot stop prosecutorial misconduct but he or she can grant discovery to a defendant. One of the more concerning issues with Lorrie Sinclair is that she has no ability to control her bias.

It is encouraging and promising that Ms. Irby does have experience in defending clients, unfortunately some judges are an extension of the prosecutor’s office. It is important to keep in mind that exonerations are at an all-time high; suffice it to say there are issues with the judicial system, it is far from perfect. Judges and their bias are a large part of the problem. We can only hope that Ms. Irby will help the 20th Circuit become an example of judicial integrity.