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Loudoun County CPS – CPS corruption it’s a national problem.


CPS Corruption is a national problem, in fact it is an epidemic; no parent is safe from it. The link below only validates this point.  The quality of the workers and the management is typical poor.  In the case below a director has been arrested for tampering with evidence. The case involved the death of a 22 month old, the case was closed and six days later the child was dead. This is inexcusable but it happens frequently, CPS routinely fails to protect children who are actually being abused while targeting innocent families.

Loudoun County CPS is no different; it suffers from the same poor quality of workers and management. It also suffers from the same lack of ethics that is described in the link below. Benjamin Smith, an ex-CPS investigator with Loudoun County provides a sample of how the investigators handle cases in Loudoun; they simply believe the accusation and attempt to coerce a confession. The manner in which the agency conducts itself is bizarre and is devoid of any respect for the legal system. The viciousness in which they target parents, especially fathers, is very disturbing. The link below sums up the mentality of the agency in Loudoun. Investigator, Benjamin Smith, obviously does not believe in an impartial approach to an investigation.

Loudoun CPS – Benjamin Smith

In Virginia, there have been deaths of children that the agency failed to protect. In Richmond, Dr. Carolyn Graham was forced out due to a fraudulent letter that she sent to a reporter, link is below. This is hypocrisy at its worse, these agencies are incompetent and will do anything to win their cases and make themselves look good, even if it means tampering with evidence. The agency does not care about families it only wants to win in Court.

Carolyn Graham.

The cases are too numerous to be ignored, this happens in every state every day. I would encourage anyone who has observed any unethical behavior to contact the Board of Supervisors or a State legislator to inform them of what is going on.  The agencies are not going to police themselves, neither is the State Board. It will be the public and the media that forces a change. The instances above are not anomalies, they are the norm. This is how the agency operates.


Loudoun County CPS


Loudoun County CPS is a monstrosity and needs to investigated by an independent third party. It and its employees behave as if they are above the law.

The video below aptly explains the unchecked power of Child Protective Services and the incompetence of the investigators. In Loudoun County the incompetence is at alarming levels, not only incompetence but a willingness to trample over the rights of the accused and a desire to ensure that a fair hearing is not granted to the accused. The effort to ensure that a fair hearing is not held is led by Sandra Glenney, Assistant County Attorney.

The staff members , including management and the investigators, fly beneath any public scrutiny. The hearings are not publicly accessible.  This video is more than accurate. More videos can be found at

In Loudoun, the agency is a monstrosity and has no moral compass. The workers are poorly trained with no training in investigative or forensic techniques. Watch the video closely.

Loudoun County Bar Association – Judicial Qualification and Evaluation Committee



The judicial selection process is not transparent and when a process is not transparent it is vulnerable to abuse. However in Loudoun County (part of the 20th Circuit) we do know that the process starts with the Loudoun County Bar Association. The Judicial Candidates for the 20th Circuit are selected by the Loudoun County Bar Judicial Qualification and Evaluation Committee.  The local bar does not provide any information on their selection process. We know that the process starts in the local bar but we do not know what the process is.

We did not even know the members of the Judicial Qualification and Evaluation Committee. The candidates selected by the local bar through a process which is hidden to the public and by members of a Committee that are unknown to the public, this seems problematic. The candidates are selected by a process that is void of any public scrutiny. To the best of this writer’s knowledge that bar has no mechanism to allow for public input; the public is shutout from the process. This makes the process susceptible to moral lapses, Virginia has experienced quite a bit of moral lapses of late.

Keep in mind that taxpayers pay the salary of a local judge, therefore it would be expected that the public would have some input. At this point, as far as the citizens know, candidate could be chosen for all the wrong reasons and they probably are.

The cases of prosecutorial and judicial misconduct are frightening, for Loudoun County to have a process that is so secretive is troubling and must be changed.




20th Judicial Circuit of Virginia – Voice your concerns about a candidate


As the citizens who reside in the 20th Judicial Circuit of Virginia, which consists of Loudoun County, are aware of we have judicial vacancies; two vacancies to be exact. What the citizens are not aware of is the lack of transparency in the Judicial Selection process and the incredibly low requirements to become a judge. Most citizens are not aware of the impact that an unqualified judge can have on their life. The judicial selection process is listed here.

The following are the requirements to become a judge per the Virginia Constitution. It is startling to learn that the only requirement is for the new candidate to be a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia and be a member of the bar association for five years prior to their appointment. This is an incredibly low bar and attracts very unqualified candidates. In reality a judicial appointment is more of a popularity contest than any measure of a legal acumen.

Section 7. Selection and qualification of judges.

  • All justices of the Supreme Court and all judges of other courts of record shall be residents of the Commonwealth and shall, at least five years prior to their appointment or election, have been admitted to the bar of the Commonwealth. Each judge of a trial court of record shall during his term of office reside within the jurisdiction of one of the courts to which he was appointed or elected; provided

Judges are elected by the members of the General Assembly not the public. The public has no vote in the process; the judicial candidates are first selected by the Local Bar Association with no public input. The nomination of the local bar comes down to who knows who and who is better connected. Does the reader see the trend, there is no public input. In reality, the public has no idea of who is being appointed to the bench or their experience of the candidate. The local bar does not send out any brochures or documents soliciting input from the public.

The example of Senator Phillip Puckett’s and his daughter reflect this. The reader may recall that Senator Puckett resigned, allegedly, to allow his daughter to receive a judicial appointment. Deals are made and judgeship’s are awarded as favors. Unfortunately, this is the way the system works in Virginia.

Prior to the General Assembly voting on the judge, the public does have a small opportunity to voice their opinion about a candidate prior to the vote in the General Assembly. It is debatable whether or not this has any impact. To voice his or her opinion the citizen must drive to Richmond, which is no simple task, or meet with legislators in their district to voice concerns about the particular candidate. Usually once the candidate has been sent to Richmond for a vote, it is a done deal.

Consider the case of Judge Esther Wiggins in Arlington, her abuses are amply documented and the citizens have voiced the opinions repeatedly but she still keeps her position.

Since the amount of public input is so miniscule, I would urge the citizens to contact their local legislators and members of the Courts of Justice. The following links below list the members of the Courts of Justice. It is important to this before the candidate goes to Richmond. The Courts of Justice Committee reviews the qualifications of a candidate before a vote takes place. It is critical to voice your concerns and opinion about a candidate. The Courts of Justice Committee members are a good place to start. The links of the names and contact information for members is below.